A Rose for Accessible Barbados

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Measuring a compact 21 x 14 mile, Barbados is a neatly package bundle of variety with something different around every corner. Whether a random exploring adventure or a planned visit to some attractions, the island provides a compelling range of scenic surprises, a fascinating history and rich architectural heritage, and a chance to interact with people who are considered to be among the friendliest in the world.

It’s a fact, accessibility is not inherent, throughout the Caribbean due in some part to the impediments of natural terrain and standing styles of architecture. Also a fact, accessibility for Tourist with physical disabilities really hasn’t been much of a concern to the keepers of the tourism industry in these nations either.

But that is changing. And that change is trending upward, literally, from the vision and yeoman work in one of the Caribbean’s most southern islands – Barbados – to the archipelago’s northern nations, particularly the Bahamas. And it all began with all Rose…

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