Park ‘n’ Wheel Simulation a Great Success!

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Massy car park Warrens was the scene of our latest educational endeavors, though not well attended by invited guest, the event itself was a huge success.

Attendees were able to experience first hand the difficulties faced by persons with disabilities when embarking or disembarking from vehicles (especially in wheelchairs) when there are no parking ramps or when persons who are not disabled unmindfully and selfishly use spaces designated for the disabled.

We heard words like eye-opening, new appreciation for, educational, uncomfortable and frustrating after each participant eventually squeezed themselves between two parked cars whilst trying to maneuver in a wheelchair.

Passersby slowed down and some even stopped, to watch as our guests tried to get themselves out of what could only be described as a “very tight space” and even applauded after the deed was done.

All the participants agreed that their experience was definitely educational, something that they would take with them through life as they were able to truly understand what a struggle persons with disabilities face, and were now better prepared to give their support to a cause which they now fully understood and could more sympathize with.

The Council wishes to thank the Parliamentarians who attended, Ms.  Charmaine Roland Bowen of the Barbados Road Safety Association and Mr. Stetson Wiltshire (Red Plastic Bag) for their participation in our event, we know that their voices are now added to ours as we strive to help make Barbados a Fully Accessible destination for all.

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Article by: Nicole Lavine


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