Empowerment Card

With the ever increasing cost of living in Barbados, our citizens (who includes Caregivers/Guardians) with disabilities face the challenge of stretching very limited funds further than before. In an effort to offer some assistance to this community, the Council introduced  the BCD Empowerment Card. A  number of business houses around Barbados are currently on Board offering discounts to card holders.

Below, we’ve responded to a few questions we thought you’d like answers to:

What is the Empowerment Card?

The Empowerment Card is a “discount card”.

Who is eligible for the Empowerment Card

  • Members of affiliated organisations, parents of children with disabilities and other members of the community of persons with disabilities
  • Persons over the age of eighteen are be eligible for the card and parents of children under eighteen.

What are the necessary requirements for receiving the Empowerment Card?

  • Cards are issued on presentation of proof of disability for non-members and written verification of membership status from affiliated organisations.
  • Persons acting on behalf of the Person with the Disability, and whose name appears on the Card will be asked to produce their National Registration Card as proof of their identity
  • One digital photo (Face to Shoulder)
  • A biennial fee of $15.00 BCD Member or $25.00 Non Member is required when signing up

How long does it take to receive a card?

The process can take 2 weeks, cards will be sent by post.

Image of Empowerment Card

Click this link to download the Empowerment-Card-Membership-APPLICATION-FORM