4 Tips for Spending time with the Blind

  1. Speak directly to him, no need to raise your voice. The blind can’t see, but they can usually hear very well.
  2. Bend your arm, and allow him to take your arm just above the elbow if you are guiding him. He will be able to follow as you walk a half step in front of him. When you see a curb, a pole, a step, or another obstacle, it is important that you alert him. ˙
  3. Feel free to use words that refer to vision, such as “see” and “look.  “The blind also use them. They “see” with their other senses, even creating mental images of what is being described. ˙
  4. The blind often do not feel comfortable in places with loud background noise, a sit is difficult for them to know what is happening around them. ˙ Tell him when you leave his presence. This will save him the embarrassment of speaking to someone who is no longer there.
Note: Although these tip refer to a male, they do apply to both sexes