Fully Accessible Barbados (FAB)

The Fully Accessible Barbados ‘FAB’ programme is an initiative of the Barbados Council for the Disabled. This programme recognizes the importance of accessibility in order to achieve the truly inclusive society which is part of our vision.

FAB’s Goals is to:

  • Raise the quantity and quality of provision and services available to Persons With Disabilities (PWD).
  • Achieve an all-inclusive society, where there is recognition that PWD are potential customers.
  • Encourage the necessary changes in our structural environment to enable persons with disabilities, both visitors and residents, to have access to all facilities.
  • Achieve international standards of access.
  • Attract more visitors to Barbados

One of the key ways we raise funds under this initiative is through the rental of our beach wheelchair.

The FAB Beach Wheelchair is ideal for people with reduced mobility,  its an amphibious wheelchair which allows persons to ride on the ground or float in the water.

It can easily be maneuvered on all types of soil, sand or pebbles, allowing its passenger access to the beach to enjoy a leisurely soak in calm water.

This chair must be operated by a responsible companion who should follow all safety precautions.

Users should not be attached to the wheelchair. Always use a life-jacket.

Visit the Fully Accessible Barbados website

You’ll find a list of accessible restaurants, hotels and places around Barbados for you to visit.
For more information on how you can have access to the FAB Bach Wheelchair, please contact the Barbados Council for the Disabled, Telephone: Telephone: 246 629-0574 Fax: 246 427-5210 or click this link to send us an email at our offices