Our Services


The Barbados Council for the Disabled (BCD) has conducted a number of successful campaigns and has made significant achievements in improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities.

Among the more well-known and most successful on going ventures are:

  • The issuing of Disabled Parking permits. This has been ongoing since 2002 with the support of the relevant government ministry. Legislation is pending.
  • The acquisition of two specially adapted buses (one for the school was replaced after 6 years) which greatly enhance the transportation service for children with disabilities and others.
  • The introduction of Blind Cricket which continues to make a significant impact on the lives of persons with disabilities
  • Heightening awareness of all school aged children to the rights, needs and abilities of persons with disabilities through the introduction of “DAD” (Disability Awareness Day) celebrated annually in March.
  • “FAB” (Fully Accessible Barbados) programme which aims to create a barrier free environment in Barbados.
  • Sexual Reproduction Health Program for Persons with Disabilities – Collaborating Partner – United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA

We have also published several pamphlets on a variety of subjects as well as a Directory of Services and a Handbook for Politicians to facilitate their interaction with their constituents with disabilities.

In addition the Council provides a range of services to its affiliate’s members as well as the public which can be booked via this site or by contacting the councils’ admin staff.